June 1st Special——Strictly Prevent Furniture from Causing Injury to Children

The joyful Children's Day is coming. In this festival full of childlike innocence, Homemys furniture wishes all children a happy Children's Day!


Furniture is inseparable from our daily life, and its role is of course needless to say. However, furniture bumps have also become the main cause of children's injuries. Every child is a treasure in the hearts of parents. How to keep children away from furniture bumps? Selecting furniture scientifically and rationally is of great significance to the healthy growth of children.

1. Safety furniture——Anti-collision

No parent wants their child to be injured, but children are far inferior to adults in the perception and judgment of many things, and lack the awareness of self-protection, so when choosing furniture, safety is the most important consideration.


Therefore, the furniture structure should choose an arc shape with no sharp edges. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid the design of drawers or other easy-moving furniture parts from appearing in the position of the child's head, so as to prevent the child from bumping and endangering the child's personal safety.


Homemys furniture pays attention to details, and the corners of the table are designed with circular arcs, giving children more intimate protection. Homemys tufted soft sofa is made of teddy flannel and high elastic sponge material, which avoids accidental injuries caused by the collision of children, and is very suitable for family use.


Children are very curious about the world around them. For children who like to climb and run around, furniture that may fall or move at any time has a great safety hazard. Therefore, furniture such as cabinets and shelves must have corresponding fixtures to ensure that they will not cause harm to children.

On the basis of ensuring that the furniture itself does not pose a threat to the safety of children, we should also pay attention to adding some safety protection designs to the furniture, such as stable steps, side rails and handrails of high furniture.


2. Eco-friendly furniture——Anti-pollution

Children are fragile and need our protection together. During the growth and development of children, the breathing volume is 50% higher than that of adults. As a result, children are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution than adults. The formaldehyde in the furniture will cause terrible harm to the young body of the child. When purchasing furniture, we must pay attention to choosing the products with the formaldehyde content up to the standard. At the same time, the harm of heavy metals in furniture is no less than that of formaldehyde, and it is necessary to pay attention to the content of heavy metals in furniture.

Cloth furniture or wooden furniture is the best choice.


3. Colorful furniture

Furniture will accompany the growth of children. In addition to paying attention to safety issues, we should also consider how to provide children with a warm and comfortable living environment. Try to choose bright colors for home furniture, and then match some soft colors to let happiness spread from here.


Homemys modular sleeper sofa is not dazzling and has no peculiar smell, and the color matching of furniture is fresh and bright, which greatly improves the happiness index of each family and allows us to breathe more freely and freely.

Let children live in a healthy and natural environment from an early age. Don't wait until the end to get started.


Homemys furniture wishes all children a happy holiday and wish every child can thrive!


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