How to Choose a Sofa?

There is such a relaxing area at home where you can find a moment of tranquility. The slow time after a busy day often starts from the sofa.

The sofa, just hearing the name makes me feel very lazy and comfortable. It can be stored in any corner of the home, and it is also a must-have for room collocation. So how should a comfortable sofa be chosen?

The living room is a symbol of a home, and the aura of the living room determines the entire home. The sofa is the C position in the living room, and the cost is not low, so you need to pay more attention to purchasing a sofa.

What aspects should you pay attention to when purchasing a sofa? There are many styles and styles of sofas, more choices, and different prices. So how to choose a sofa that is suitable for the price and can enhance the taste of the home?



01. Leather Sofa

The leather sofa is calm and atmospheric, and it can easily improve the texture of the home space. It is loved by many large-sized and villa families. Leather sofas are generally dominated by dark colors such as yellow and brown, which are suitable for American, European, industrial, light luxury and other styles.


  • High grade, classic style. Elegant and stylish, it is suitable for large families as well as small ones.
  • Durable and easy to clean. The leather sofa is strong and wear-resistant, which is good for cleaning, and can even be used for more than ten years if it is well maintained.


  • Expensive. Leather has high requirements from texture to craftsmanship, and the cost is high and the price is high.
  • Cool in winter and cool in summer. The temperature of the cortex is low, although it is comfortable in summer, but the stimulation in winter is really exciting.



02. Fabric Sofa

The fabric of the fabric sofa is soft and skin-friendly, naturally breathable, novel styles and various colors, which make it have a high position in the market and are deeply loved by young people. Unlike the leather sofa, the warmth of the fabric sofa is that even the soft lines exude warmth, which is suitable for modern simplicity style.


  • Soft and delicate, with many styles. The exclusive soft texture of fabrics, various colors and fashionable styles are excellent products for home decoration.
  • Removable and washable, cost-effective. Independent sofa cover, easy to clean; the price is close to the people, in line with the level of mass consumers.


  • Stains are noticeable. The stains on the fabric are obvious and need to be cleaned frequently. "Lazy people" choose carefully.
  • Fabric sofas are warm in winter, but hot in summer. Contrary to the leather sofa, the fabric sofa is equivalent to a thin quilt in winter and a quilt in summer.



03. Solid Wood Sofa

The solid wood sofa pays attention to the texture and color of the wood, and the shape is lighter and simpler, and it is full of atmosphere.


  • Naturally healthy. The wood selected for the real wood sofa is all natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Sturdy. Built to last.


  • Prices are high. Since the raw materials use natural wood, especially precious wood, the better the quality, the higher the price.
  • Limitation. Limited by the texture and color of the wood itself, the selection space is relatively small.
  • Heavy. The material is wood, which is relatively heavy in weight and difficult to move.

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